Why must you take symbolism literally? In a concrete, tangible fashion? The stories are clearly metaphors. You’ve been lied to. Why do you base your spirituality on the interpretation of some random, charismatic individual? You’ve got to stop doing this. Quit teaching these habits to your children. You’re mixing precious spirituality with the bile of Western consumer culture. You worship “God” like you worship pop stars and Coca-Cola. Spirituality is real, so real. And it embodies everything that Western culture is not.

Can’t you see that all religions, the bible and Christianity included, are describing the same thing? Can’t you see how the story of creation represents man’s development of consciousness, rather than the literal creation of the entire cosmos? Why do you get caught up in these silly debates with scientists about how old the Earth is, as you attempt to make the story of creation in Genesis fit with the archaeological record? The world is fucking old dude. Real old. As old as they say it is, probably older.

The biblical story of creation is just a story, a metaphor. A pretty fun, accurate, and beautiful account of man becoming self-conscious, of setting himself apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Of finally making the leap from ape-man to Homo sapien. Don’t let some bullshit official of a church congregation (who has likely done little self-reflection) taint such a beautiful metaphor. Open your mind, try psychedelics in a ritualistic setting and reconnect with the ancient and true spiritual source. It was likely what gave our ancestors conscious awareness in the first place and what the authors of ancient texts like the Dead Sea Scrolls (the origins of the bible) were under the influence of. How else could they have had such profound, visionary spiritual experiences? (Check out Terence McKenna, John M. Allegro, and their respective works on this theory).

Instead of searching for real spirituality without reservation, here you are stuck in the madness of Western civilization. We’re all alienated from the Source or have been in the past, we who are born into this ridiculously crazy system: skyscrapers, jobs, fast cars, money, things.. It’s all about egocentricity, I, me. The god you worship is similarly conceptualized as an ego (albeit a “perfect” ego). But even a perfect ego cannot truly exist because there is no separateness in the Universe. Everything is One, it’s all connected. Separateness is an illusion, an experience of the mind. To be spiritual is to sidestep the mind and to remember the (T)ruth, capital T. And that Truth is that everything is one complete Whole. YOU are therefore, and in fact.. GOD. Everything is God!

We can still have this modern world, we can take the positive things it offers, like shelter and clothes for our fragile bodies, optimum nutrition to improve our minds, and a deeper understanding of nature to guide it towards it’s highest aims. But if we cut ourselves off from the Truth, the Source, the natural world along the way.. then we have truly fucked up as a society.

Step 1: Legalize the ritualistic use and clinical application of psychedelic substances, namely: Psilocybin, DMT, and Iboga. In the meantime, I’ll be traveling abroad to experience these things under the guidance of shamans who practice long standing tradition. Unfortunately, the country I call “home,” which proclaims to support religious freedom, refuses to legally permit me to do such “dangerous” things. There is no greater danger to the future of humanity and GAIA than this government sanction against psychedelic experience: the true spiritual experience. This is not about “dropping out of reality,” “becoming a deadbeat,” or “getting fucked up.” This is about concrete, tangible, and ancient spiritual experience. The real deal, the stomping ground of the religious texts you blindly follow. Call me a hippy, whatever you’ve gotta do. I’ve never borne witness to a greater truth than what I’m trying to convey to you here.